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High performance tunable filter based on one dimensional photonic crystal



  1. Yancheng Teachers University, Department of New Energy and Electronic Engineering, Yancheng 224007, China


tunable optical filter based on one-dimensional photonic crystal with the structure (AB1)nB2(AB1)n is designed. The optical transmission properties of the filter are studied by the characteristic matrix method and tight-binding theory. The simulation results show that the filtering properties, such as the central wavelength, the quality factor (Q-factor), the channel number and the transmission peak (TP), can be adjusted by the thickness of B2, the periodic number n, the refractive index of B2 and so on. It is found that the thickness of the material B2 has great influence on the filtering properties, which not only can adjust the central wavelength, TPs and the Q-factor of TP, but also can realize the switching of single, double and multi-channel filters. Especially, if (AB1)nB2(AB1)n is chosen as a unit cell to design the structure [(AB1)nB2(AB1)n]m, the width of the photonic band gaps (PBGs) will increase, and the other m-1 comb-like TPs with high quality will appear at the right edge of the PBG. When n = 4 and m = 9, the transmission and Q-factor of the leftmost TP would be up to 1 and 71400, respectively. The results have reference values for designing tunable filter with high quality..


Tunable, Photonic crystal, Characteristic matrix method, Quality factor.

Submitted at: Feb. 22, 2019
Accepted at: Oct. 9, 2019


DIANFENG ZHOU, FAHUA SHEN, XIAOHUA WANG, HAIXIA ZHU, High performance tunable filter based on one dimensional photonic crystal, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 21, Iss. 9-10, pp. 549-557 (2019)