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Na2O doped borate silica glass as a dosimetric material for gamma ray



  1. General Science Department, Faculty of Education, Soran University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


Glass series of (45-x) ZnO-45B2O3-10SiO2-xNa2O, 0.05≤ x ≤ 0.7 were prepared using the melt quenching method. Powdered forms of the chemicals were obtained with each batch weighing 20 g. Borate silica glasses doped with Sodium are examined in term of TL (thermoluminescence) properties to find their possibility to use as radiation dosimeter’s glass. The sample with 0.1% Na2O concentration has a higher TL response among the concentrations for a delivered dose 50 Gy of Co60 gamma radiation. The annealing procedure and heating rate are determined. TL response within the dose range of 0.5–4Gy and 10-100 Gy, sensitivity, reproducibility, minimum detectable dose, Effective Atomic Number and fading are investigated. The outcomes indicate that this glass has a possible to be used as a radiation dose evaluation..


Glow curve, Borate silica, Na2O, Thermoluminescence dosimetry.

Submitted at: May 12, 2020
Accepted at: Aug. 16, 2021


BAHRA MOHAMMED, Na2O doped borate silica glass as a dosimetric material for gamma ray, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials Vol. 23, Iss. 7-8, pp. 366-372 (2021)